Our Process for Quality Law Firm Content

Affordable and Hassle Free

We have a simple, headache-free process for ordering content. We research, interview, write, edit and produce:

  • General website content and marketing materials;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content;
  • Blog posts (daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly plans available);
  • Practice area content;
  • Attorney biographies;
  • Mobile web site content;
  • Legal articles, firm newsletters, social media copy and more.

7 Easy Steps

Call us today and our team can help guide you through our process:

  1. Establish Goals: What measureable result(s) do you want to see from your new content? To complete your web site and make a good impression on potential clients? Establish yourself as the authority in your practice area and geographic location? Increase web site traffic and profit? All of the above? We can advise you on what content products and strategies will meet your goals.
  2. Determine Budget: Figure out what you can realistically afford, keeping in mind that quality content is an investment. See our Pricing page for information about our various content plans and costs. Discounts are available for law firms that sign up for multiple content services.
  3. Develop Plan: Based on your goals and budget, we can create a content plan to meet your needs. This is where the specific parameters of the project (i.e. SEO editing of an entire website, original content writing for 12 practice areas, or a bi-weekly blog), cost and deadline will be established. A signed contract is required for work to proceed beyond this point. If you want us to edit or incorporate any existing content as part of the new project, we ask you provide such content at this time.
  4. Sample: If the project is large in scale (such as writing original content for an entire web site) or ongoing (such as a regularly scheduled blog), we are happy to submit samples for your feedback before the entire project moves forward. This allows us to refine the product and ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Execute: We complete the project on time and on budget.
  6. Review: All content we provide is ready for immediate posting online. Of course, if your law firm would like to review/edit, we are happy work with you before going live. If your firm plans to edit, please take into account the time it will take firm stakeholder(s) to review, as well as the time it will take for our team to respond, when setting launch deadlines.
  7. Launch: Your new content is launched. We can either provide it to the person/company that maintains your web site or, if you choose to host with PaperStreet, we can post it for you.

Contact PaperStreet today at 954.523.2181 to discuss your law firm content needs.

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